Thursday, 19 August 2010

Who loves it pink?

I do! :) And who loves flowers? Me again. And these are the results. What do you think? (I hope that you are thinking pink :)

crochet earrings jewelry jewellery handmade unique flower floral pink present gift fashion KooKoo

crochet earrings jewelry jewellery handmade unique pink white present gift fashion KooKoo

Priznam, rada imam roza barvo. In ja, tudi rože so mi drage, zato rezultati mojega dela pač ne morejo biti drugačni :)


  1. Lovely...I am just learning crochet and planning to make a few earrings on the way...great inspiration

  2. Those all earnings are gorgeous, It is totally fun to work on it. I got a great idea from your blog, it is really stunning blog idea you shared with us.
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