Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New girl in the house!

She is finally here! Because I always do at least three projects at the same time, it took a bit longer for me to finish my gothic girl. This was also the first time that I have used safety eyes (yes, there were some problems :). And now I am wondering how to name her. Any ideas?

amigurumi crochet doll girl toy present gift gothic black pink kookoo

Končno je tu! Ker se vedno lotim preveč projektov hkrati, je trajalo kar nekaj časa, da sem punčko dokončala. Tokrat sem prvič uporabila varnostne oči (brez težav pri nameščanju seveda ni šlo), zdaj pa mi manjka le še ime za njo. Kaka ideja?


  1. She is gorgeous! :D Lovely blog you have!

  2. oh wow! I'm still working my way around crocheting! so hopefully I'll be as good as you are! it looks so hard! ;)

  3. love your goth girl Saftey eyes are hard to get use to i think its cuz they have to be in before your guys are stuffed i can never get them in the right spot on my dolls lol

  4. She is lovely! Such an emo girl!
    I like her eyelashes!

  5. thanks everyone, i am glad that you like her! :)
    and yes, safety eyes are a very special challenge. i hope that i will get to used to them soon :)

  6. Colours are so effective - i love her!! Did i tell you about our softie swap?

  7. You could name her Candy,for the colours.

  8. I loved this one!
    Name her Ana la Folle
    Ana Folly
    Ana Braveone
    I don't know...


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