Friday, 23 July 2010

More to come

unique handmade toy bird amigurumi gift present kookoo

Since I have been crocheting for a while now, me closets are full of crocheted dolls and other animals or monsters. The collection of earrings is also growing.
They told me that they are getting a little depressed in there, so I am letting them out. Here they are, enjoy!

unique handmade crochet doll girl amigurumi gift present kookoo
Ker sem ne kvačkanje drži že nekaj časa, se omare pridno polnijo s kvačkanimi punčkami, živalcami in drugimi pošastmi. Tudi predal z uhani pri polnjenju čisto nič ne zaostaja. Baje pa je v omari kar temno in nič kaj veselo, zato je čas, da zverinice spustim na plano.
... in že so tukaj, uživajte!

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  1. Those dolls are so cute! Welcome to the world of blogger x

  2. Hello and thank you! I hope that you will like the future creations and posts too :)

  3. I love your crochet creations! They are too cute. So glad you decided to start blogging. Looking forward to your posts!

  4. These are so adorable! Beautiful colors!

  5. thank you, I am so glad that you like them :)

  6. Beautiful!!! I sooooooo want to learn to crochet! :-)

  7. thanks :) it's not that complicated, just time-consuming :)

  8. Cutest little creatures!! I'd love to have you submit them to the M&T Spotlight:

  9. love your work, I'd love to make some to. Do you have patterns or can you tell me where I can get the patterns?


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